Goals and Feature

    The core mission of the Center of Teacher Education is to help prospective teachers develop1a strong knowledge base in educational professional knowledge,2reflective ability and habit based on their understanding in humanities, educational professional knowledge3, and ability to practice their beliefs.

     Pre-service teachers are required to complete at least 28-credit courses in general educational knowledge, curriculum and instruction, subject matter-specific methods, counselling, classroom management, evaluation and assessment, and elective courses that aim to broaden pre-service teachers’ knowledge in humanities and diverse subjects. A 54-hour non-credit service learning opportunity is built into the program to encourage social participation and put theory into practice. A six-month internship is required to complete the program. To be certified, teachers must pass a National Teachers’ Certification Examination following their internship.

     The Center regularly holds activities to facilitate students’ participation and stimulate students’ talents through award-winning competitions. Opportunities for visiting schools and institutions are arranged each semester to strengthen the links between theory and practice. We anticipate training prospective teachers who not only are capable of teaching topics related to their subject matter, but also are caring individuals who are committed to teaching students with diverse backgrounds.


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